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$72.99 Matter’s Knot Pt. 1 Vinyl + MTVoid Tee Bundle

This bundle includes:

  • Your choice of Matter’s Knot on either Glass Bottle Green 180 gram vinyl or Black 180 gram vinyl
  • Your choice of MTVoid Logo tee in either black or dark grey

MTVoid is back with their eagerly-awaited sophomore album “Matter’s Knot Pt. 1”.

The vinyl features:

  • Limited edition 180 gram black or glass bottle green vinyl
  • Exclusive 2-sided 24” x 36” poster (only available with the vinyl)
  • CD of the album
  • Full digital album on release

“Matter’s Knot Pt. 1 is our pan-dynamic tapestry of sound and thought, twisted together and pulled taut, a connection of ides remotely fused between Los Angeles, California and Swarzędz, Poland,” Justin Chancellor explains.

Revolver described the early album preview as “a brief, two-and-a-half-minute low-rumbling tune that uses laser-like synths and sharp licks to form a dynamic journey through textural soundscapes and subconscious musings. Death Grips producer and guest musician Andy Morin adds depth with his drum and synth licks while Mohamed’s gravelly voice warns, ‘They are scanning your soul.’”

The album includes contributions from friends: Aric Improta (ex-Fever 333) on “Propagator,” Isabel Munoz-Newsome of Pumarosa on “Drop-Out,” and Andy Morin (Death Grips), who contributed drums and production to “Scanner Void.”


  1. Death Survives
  2. Lilt
  3. Propagator (feat. Aric Improta)
  4. Drop-Out (feat. Isabel Munoz-Newsome)
  5. Scanner Void (feat. Andy Morin)
  6. MaBeLu
  7. Magmaficent
Lobal Orning