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01.19.22 MTVoid returns with “Infossilized,” a limited-edition NFT collaboration featuring new music and visionary artwork from Armenian sculptor Vahan Bego

Introducing “Infossilized,” a limited-edition NFT collaboration featuring new music from MTvoid (Justin Chancellor and Peter Mohamed) mastered by Bob Ludwig, haikus from Justin and visionary artwork from Armenian sculptor Vahan Bego. Two of the NFTs (“Death Survives” and “Concentration”) contain music from the duo’s forthcoming album, Matter’s Knot (release date TBA).

“Infossilized” includes:

– Three 1-of-1 NFT auctions (“All God’s Glory”, “Death Survives” and “OTIS”)

– Two limited-edition 1-of-10 NFT sales (“Concentration” and “Magmaficent”

– One limited-edition 1-of-15 NFT sales of a print/static image (no audio/no effects) of a collage featuring all five pieces of art

Winners of the 1-of-1 auctions and buyers of the limited-edition offerings will receive a book signed by Vahan, Justin and Peter that features images from the “Infossilized” collection with corresponding poems written by Justin. 

For further details, and to bid/purchase, please visit:


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Lobal Orning