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08.07.22 Bass Extremes Debut New Single “Just-in Time” Featuring Justin Chancellor

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Bass Extremes Acclaimed bassists Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey — debut their new release, “Just-in Time.” It’s the second single/video revealed ahead of their upcoming album, S’Low Down, set for release on August 26 via Vix Records.

Replicating Tool-in-a-Stadium-type sonics, “Just-in Time”  is a massive, gnarly groove that’s a study in tone, attitude and rhythm and features Tool’s Justin Chancellor. Of the track, Wooten/Bailey offer, “Collaborating with Justin took us to new places, sonically, melodically and texturally, combining oceans, rivers, boulders, building things and smashing things…a sonic/epic and fast moving adventure. If you’re a Tool fan and like that style of music, you will love this song. Justin’s bass is the driving force.”

The 10-track album features a variety of legendary musicians, including Ron Carter, Bootsy Collins, Marcus Miller, Oteil Burbridge, Justin Chancellor, Linda Oh, Edgar Meyer, John Patitucci, Billy Sheehan, Joe Dart, and more. It also includes some unexpected collaborations, including banjoist Béla Fleck on bass banjo, jazz guitarist Mike Stern on 6-string bass, Howard Levy on bass harmonica, and Jeff Coffin (Dave Matthews Band) on both bass clarinet and bass flute.

Recorded over 18 months between their Myrtle Beach, Nashville, and Boston, studios, in typical Bass Extremes fashion, the music was composed with Bailey and Wooten each functioning as bassist, composer, sound engineer, and producer. The duo utilized conventional and unorthodox approaches, which included spontaneous improvisations as well as melodies and harmonies inspired from Gregg Bissonette’s solo rhythm tracks, conjured by the confidence garnered from his 30 year partnership with the Duo.

A key to the record’s concept lies in the album’s title. The first of dual meanings is clear, this album is about the ‘Low Down of the bass, while the “S’Low Down” offers deeper implications. “As you get older and wiser you learn how to say more with less,” explains Wooten. “We tell our students that a lot, ‘slow down.” Bailey concurs adding, “For most musicians, myself included, you spend the first part of your career proving what you can play and trying to innovate and get it out there. What this album typifies for me is, been there, done that. Now it’s about what’s the least amount we can bring to the music while constantly making it better. How we can move slower and actually go faster.”

S’Low Down Tracklisting with Special Guests

1. Ready, Set , Slow (Bootsy Collins)

2. Home Bass (Marcus Miller, Ron Carter, John Patitucci)

3. The Chrome Addict (Susan Hagen, Oteil Burbridge, Howard Levy, Béla Fleck, Jeff Coffin)

4. Mess That Up? (Matt White, Mike Stern)

5. Ping Pong (Edgar Meyer)

6. Oh Tell Billy (Linda Oh, Oteil Burbridge, Billy Sheehan)

7. Patchwork (John Patitucci)

8. Silent Night In Tunisia (John Patitucci, Joe Dart, Whit Browne, Mike Pope)

9. Just-in Time (Justin Chancellor)

10. S’Low Down

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